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Letter: Whose interest is the school board serving?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


It’s time that the public speak up about the operations of the Gloucester County School Board. Kenneth Hogge has been a lone voice questioning the operations of the school system for some time. First of all, it’s not the job of the school board to question how the BOS funds the school system or whether or not they raise taxes.


1. We did not need to build a new middle school in place of Page. The money from insurance plus extra funding of a few million dollars more would have replaced the school on existing land and not in a swamp.


2. Why, if T.C. Walker needed to be closed, did the school board spend $3 million-plus to renovate the building and grounds for the school board?


3. The school board and Mr. Kiser put your children and my grandkids in trailers that leak and have mildew, but spent millions on new offices for Mr. Kiser and the 61 members of the school board office.


Whose interest is Mr...

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