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Letter: Who is really a threat?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Biden and his party continue to paint former President Trump as the biggest threat to our democracy and our national security. But in reality, has the world become a safer place since President Biden took office?

Maybe not his fault, but what has been his response? Curtail domestic fuel production, a critical ingredient to winning any non-nuclear conflict; sell off much of our strategic oil reserves (in some cases to foreign countries) for purely political gain (the lowering of gas prices to make him look good); discharging sailors, soldiers, and airmen (including Seals and fighter pilots) for failure to be vaccinated even though the efficacy of that process is not being questioned; condemning his critics for speaking out against him and his policies that have stifled our economy; spending billions of taxpayer money on projects that may or may not do anything about climate change, won’t pay dividends for decades, and certainly won’t win us the ...

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