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Letter: Whatever happens

I am so very grateful for the warm breath of life,Despite the conundrums, enigmas and strife,It comes to me, large, in bursts of calm grace,To keep, in permanences, this smile on my face.

But, more than that, there lives this one thread,A singular thread that keeps my soul fed,One diaphanous thread of gold color, and fine,Which brings golden grapes more tasteful than wine.

This one thread has been the definer of time,So golden it glistens in rhythms of rhyme,It weaves itself, all, throughout our existence,Conveying the core of mercy and thanks, hence.

However, in my life, it makes all the difference,Brings punishment and hurt to hopeful far better sense,Whatever will happen it always is present,In abundance it appears as if it so meant.

Forever the light of this thread has been woven,The light of our lives weaving fabric of golden,Most times I have not known it even was there,The golden of Love, of Thanksgiving, of Care.

T.A. LeachThe Glebe, Mathews, Va.

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