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Letter: What you choose

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When people fail to study and learn about their stated faith, they travel a sad and confusing road. Thousands of books are written, explaining what this faith or that faith means, and many are very helpful—but for Christians, the first and the last book to read is the Bible.

All books are written by man, but the books of the Bible were written and inspired by God. God’s book and its message do not change. His commandments were first written by God Himself on tablets of stone, but thereafter He inspired His disciples to teach all of mankind what He wants for all of us. From Genesis through Revelation, we are taught how to live and what is good and what is evil. Yes, evil exists and when our minds are focused only on ourselves and what the world is offering, we begin to envy those who may have more of those things we desire.

Do you notice how often we make an exception from the rules for ourselves if that exception will get us what we want? Th...

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