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Letter: What we can now expect

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

After the last presidential election, Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader, was interviewed regarding his key role in helping to defeat Republican candidate Mitt Romney for president. The interviewer asked Senator Reid how he felt now that the accusation he made against Romney (the Senator reported he had strong, certain evidence that Romney had seriously cheated on his income taxes) has since been proven completely false. Senator Reid smiled and happily replied to the reporter, “It worked!” His total lie gave him no shame. From his point of view, it is okay to do or say anything, no matter how false, if it helps the Democrat candidate to win.

Unfortunately, this lack of integrity has spread not only throughout the Democratic Party, but also infected a great portion of our major newspapers, magazines, and radio and television networks who no longer are interested in reporting the news. They are now participants in the election. From n...

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