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Letter: What is your truth?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We the people have yet to see all the lies, lies and cover-ups this new administration has committed against our Constitution which we hold dear. The list goes on and on. President Biden and many in our Congress, especially Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, push their agendas which are bringing America to its knees. They will stop at nothing to keep their power and our money for their own political ambitions.

We the people are beginning to realize that power and money drive our government. Let us look at one basic objective they are pushing to accomplish at our expense: President Biden borrows $3.5 trillion of our money to give to whatever programs he chooses. Then we must pay back our money through higher taxes. Let’s get this straight: President Biden borrows from us, gets us in more debt, is not transparent on what their master plan contains, and then we must pay back the $3.5 trillion along with the trillions of dollars we already owe … What?


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