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Letter: What is the gain?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I read an offensive piece in your paper last week and this letter is in response to it.

I read of one writing as though they came from the perspective of some moral high ground that would school all of us poor, dumb hicks hereabouts that she might finally bring us up into the 21st century.

I found it interesting that a person that affects the title of “reverend” would dare to speak in any terms of “utopia” where our home is concerned. Nimrod was one such individual that would build a manmade utopia. Any Bible scholar would know that this man is a standard bearer for evil and one that promotes a godless society.

Adolf Hitler had his ideas of promoting a manmade “utopia.” He just had to get rid of any that did not fit in to what he considered to be “utopian.” “Uncle Joe” Stalin would attempt to build his utopia. All of these would build this devoid of God, or so they thought.

I am wondering too about all this talk about “people of color.” Who? In ...

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