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Letter: What is moral leadership?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We have been blessed with former presidents who lived their belief in God and the morals learned from Him, and courageously applied them in their actions as president of the United States. One of these was James Madison.

During his presidency, Madison allowed no temptations of wealth, power or public esteem to lure him from the path of duty. He considered his popularity and prestige secondary to what was best for our nation. He dealt with the same problems all presidents have—a Congress that often opposes what he supports—but he approached members who he believed to be willing to initiate measures for national defense that he promoted, and made certain that these members of Congress were recognized for their bold legislative action! He wasn’t interested in being praised, only in doing what was best for America.

His morals were based on Christian beliefs, but he was never a bigot, as expressed in his gratitude and respect for Haym Salomon, a...

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