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Letter: Wetlands issue at school site needs to be addressed

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There are many issues to be addressed regarding the replacement/rebuilding of Page Middle School. One that has recently been identified is, to me, of great importance. This is the presence of wetlands on the T.C. Walker Road property where a replacement school is proposed.

It’s become standard procedure for people in the government, both locally and at a state level, to emphasize the importance of wetlands to environmental quality and to our quality of life. Yet whenever an implied government need, or a developer with deep pockets, shows up, the importance of wetlands disappears. The "wetlands mitigation" that the government/developers talk about usually involves digging a hole nearby, letting it fill with water to become a pond, and declaring victory. Meanwhile, the diverse wildlife of the original wetlands is lost, along with the properties that benefit us most.

Has anyone considered what part the T.C. Walker Road wetlands play in prev...

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