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Letter: We must be ready for emergencies

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Kudos to Mr. Dobson (“Be prepared,” Feb. 25 Readers Write). He is quite correct in saying that the government does not have an obligation or ability to take care of us. It wasn’t so long ago that family gardens yielded a harvest that kept the larder filled with fruits, vegetables and even meat. Canning the harvest meant a well-stocked pantry and no waste. If we have learned anything during the “pandemic,” it should be that we need to be prepared for emergencies. This is just a part of responsible rural living.

I could write for hours on the methods and means for putting up supplies, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that a little forethought when shopping and buying an extra of frequently used provisions when rotating them as needed with see one through most emergencies.

The only place where Mr. Dobson and I will differ is on the subject of firearms. I completely agree that a firearm is a necessary part of emergency equipment. However, I feel that for a ...

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