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Letter: We have lost our way

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I believe the people of this country have forgotten or do not have any idea why and how this United States became a great nation. This has been a Christian nation; this is why we became a great nation, because we put our faith and trusted in God.

The United States has been in a steady decline since our government/Supreme Court decided to take God out of our government, schools and remove his name and Bible verse from our public buildings because the name of God and the Bible offended the Muslims, other religions, LGBTs and atheists. It’s time to put God first and we will see a change that will bring this country back to a peaceful, compassionate and loving nation. 

Like most of the people, I have been watching the bid for the presidency. It has brought up a lot of issues that I been thinking about since the election of Obama. The morality of this nation is just about non-existent. Most movies and television shows are unfit to watch.

The Democrati...

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