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Letter: We are the lucky ones

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Unless you are Native American, your ancestors were immigrants. For whatever the reason, they came to America.

Maybe they left their birth land because of war, severe poverty or disease. They were all looking for a better life.

What if our ancestors had been turned away from any border entry into this country—by land or sea? Many of us may never have been born. Our ancestors could have been killed or died from disease or starvation upon returning to their birth country. Or maybe they would have migrated to some other country.

We are fortunate. We are the lucky ones, to be Americans. But many Americans don’t want the same for others.

I was taught and I have always believed that our Creator made us all equal. It’s people that don’t believe we are all equal. Many people believe that those who are different from them are less than human. There are many who feel all people don’t deserve equal rights.

The Statue of Liberty was gift...

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