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Letter: We are not born to kill

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Is any government of the world over God’s word? Did God’s word give King Herod the right to arrest and kill John the Baptist? Did God’s word give King Herod the right after the resurrection of Jesus Christ to arrest Peter and to kill James, the brother of John?

Now look at Dr. King. Did God’s word give our government the right to arrest, judge and beat Dr. King with our tax money?

A man is a baby before he becomes a man. We were all born into this world to die and we all were some mother’s baby before we became men and women.

Now look at God’s son. Who did he arrest, judge and kill when he became a man? That is why I say any baby that kills a man when he becomes a man is a murderer.

I am banned from all government buildings for saying this in Gloucester County.

Ronald L. PaigeGloucester, Va.

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