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Letter: Was designated driver service available?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am sure everyone had a great time at the Blues and Brews event held at Gloucester Court House. I did not attend. I just noticed the photo in the Oct. 14 paper. The first thought that came to mind, however, was a black and white photo from your Oct. 7 paper with two other boys in blue, grinning ear to ear about their DUI arrests.

Last time I checked, people usually have to drive to an event at Gloucester Court House; this isn’t Oktoberfest in the heart of Munich. We are a nation of drivers, not pedestrians. It always makes me uncomfortable to see law enforcement painted in glowing light for something with as much grey area as circumstances involving DUI arrests.

We all know some people that should never be allowed to drive again, and some people who just made an honest mistake, and paid dearly. Was a designated driver service available at Blues and Brews? It’s at the Court House no less. Maybe some county funds from all these DUI arrests yo...

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