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Letter: Vote Wittman

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’m a proud American, who happens to have black skin. It’s about time we stop fighting America and embrace our great nation. We live in a world where our media and our government are openly racist against white people in our favor. We must be personally responsible and stop playing the victim. No statue in Mathews or building or street named after someone with ties to the Confederacy or even slavery has any effect on your life in 2022. Stop being victims and become victors.

The liberal media and the community want you to believe the system is rigged, and the police hate you and want you dead. They are taking advantage of your cultural roots to get your votes and your dollars.

How can we claim we want equal treatment and consideration when we live in black neighborhoods, go to black churches, and send our kids to black colleges? Equal but separate is not how we learn to love and accept each other. We have organizations like the NAACP that fought for ou...

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