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Letter: VIMS asking public to support failed program

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I write as a taxpayer, an active resource user and a concerned citizen of this state. No doubt, maintaining a steady stream of targeted public relations releases keeps taxpayer dollars flowing to VIMS.

An article in a daily newspaper stating that underwater grass rebounding in the bay is the opposite of what’s happening. Also, claims within the article are without scientific foundation and slanted to gain support for a failed program.

Having spent millions of taxpayer dollars over several decades, the state of Virginia is no closer to either the timetable restoration goal of 1993 or the most recent acreage target. In my front yard, the Mobjack Bay, we have again seen heavy losses of eelgrass almost as bad as the almost total wipeout of 2005.

As I see it, VIMS scientists are hiding the truth and asking the public to support a failed program. Whose money is it and what’s the point?

George B. DeMarco

Mathews, Va.

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