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Letter: VDOT lacks accountability for actions

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

VDOT’s oversight in seeking the necessary permits for a project many years in the planning is an inexcusable waste of taxpayers’ money and time. Whether or not there has been more than 2,500 square feet of earth displaced to date not withstanding, such negligence has long been the norm for a department that has no ultimate accountability for its actions.

A private entity showing comparable lack of attention to detail would more than likely be facing considerable delay and/or significant fines. The not-well-connected applicant would even run the risk of having the permit denied and would (probably) be required, in that case, to restore what had already been disturbed to previous condition. Maybe the project manager could at least have a reprimand in his/her personnel file?

In addition, since it seems that the main entrance/exit of the Main Street Center will certainly be refurbished at the conclusion of this project, it would have been approp...

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