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Letter: Usurping Will of the People

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

To stir the Beehive of political unrestGazette-Journal refused to print the petition request.Oh no, too long was the swift reply.It’s not on BOS agenda this 5th of July.

The BOS Office said the deadline expired.And now vote of two members shall be required.In centuries old GC Code of Ordinances Section 2-13,our BOS removed a 1A right with the stroke of a pen.

The BOS just usurped another powerfrom We the People: where? when? at what hour?So off to the BOS meeting the petition wentto be publicly read during time of public comment.

Electronically manipulated voter resultswas twisted to blame the Registrar by insult.The techies know registrars lack requisite skillsto program machines against the People’s will.

A pro-petitioner testified impeccable adherenceAnd impeccable Registrar Precinct guidanceThe BOS was strong-armed to purchase machines,quite a matter for this Gubernatorial regime.

We the People determine ourselves checks and balancesdesir...

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