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Letter: UN sees itself as emerging world government

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Our counties have been mandated by Virginia State Code 15.2-2223 to develop county comprehensive plans. When these comprehensive plans are in place, they will be used in part for making and revising zoning ordinances. Every citizen will be affected by these plans in one way or another.

We therefore need to scrutinize them very carefully. They are sometimes referred to as vision plans to make them seem more palatable. So what are they, where did they come from and what is their goal?

In short, "a vision plan/comprehensive plan" is a sustainable development program designed to transform a system of private property into collective land management and centralized government. Its original source is United Nations Agenda 21 and its goal is to end local control over resources such as land use and the economy.

It is part of a larger and much more sweeping agenda aimed at ending national sovereignty with global government as its replacement. That sh...

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