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Letter: Ultrasound law smacks of hypocrisy

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As you know, Virginia has passed legislation requiring women to be subjected (defined as forced) to an ultrasound prior to any abortion. Ultrasounds are expensive and an invasion of privacy when unwanted by the patient. I am not sure how Medicaid will be handling this, but taxpayers will pay. Of that I am certain.

I take no stand one way or another on the abortion issue as it is settled law, but I do take issue with hypocrisy. Virginia tried to sue the federal government, claiming a government cannot mandate (defined as forced) health insurance, yet they can mandate a person pay for a medical procedure that is not necessary or wanted? I guess the Constitution only still applies to certain folks. Instead of trying to circumvent the Constitution any time it is not convenient, try changing it. If this is not challenged, and won, I will be surprised.

S.J. Mehaffey

Gloucester, Va.

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