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Letter: Trump knows what he’s doing, all right!

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to last week’s letter to the editor (“Trump knows what he’s doing,” Sept. 6 Readers Write), denying science has been a hallmark of Donald Trump’s whole program. Pulling us out of the Paris climate agreement, in essence, highlighted his ignorance in the importance of joining the world community to save the round planet we all live on.

It’s no secret that 45 wants to rescind everything that has President Obama’s signature on it, whether it benefits the environment, people’s health, or restricts the fossil fuel industry from runaway pollution.

Auto emissions have long been known to cause a large percentage of carbon buildup (especially in the U.S.) and the Clean Air Standards Act has had great impact on reducing the smog so prevalent in our big cities. Trump is working hard to remove all restrictions on the auto industry to the detriment of all of us that need to breathe.

The rest of the world is lead...

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