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Letter: Trump: A product of American people’s frustration

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Direct and indirect actions by our government over the last several years have caused Trump.

Americans have watched their good middle class standard of living go away as American jobs disappeared mostly caused by the NAFTA agreement. Our government stood by as all these good family supporting jobs went overseas.

Do you remember Ross Perot? He warned the American people that there would be giant sucking sounds as American jobs disappeared if the NAFTA agreement was signed. Folks thought he was a crackpot. Now people struggle to support their families by working at whatever small job they can find while the 1 percent gets richer and the 99 percent gets poorer.

The American people have felt great frustration but have had no idea what to do about it. The nation was ripe for someone to come along and fan the flames of disgust that Americans felt for the government. In fact it was way overdue.

I am not supporting Donald Trump but he sure has caused some folks in...

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