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Letter: Think for yourselves

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I don’t usually write letters to the newspaper; this is my first. I don’t really feel qualified to mind anybody else’s business but my own, until now. I keep reading about how bad the Trump supporters are. I would like to state that’s about half the country.

I am not a big personal fan of Trump. He is an arrogant man, but I supported him. He had our country energy independent, he took us out of the U.N.; now, we are footing the bill again. Where is Great Britain, Australia or Japan supporting us against China taking over Taiwan. I feel we should fix our own economy before pushing green energy on us and spending billions in foreign countries. Let’s take care of our seniors, veterans and homeless before letting in millions of immigrants across our southern border.

How about stop negotiating with the Russians over the Iran nuclear deal. What has Joe Biden done for you? Inflation, Afghanistan, open borders, defunding the police, calling parents terrorists...

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