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Letter: The Year of the Bump

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am sure the residents and visitors to Mathews appreciate the layer of asphalt that has been recently applied to the bumps in the courthouse area. To keep it fading from our memories, I suggest that the county place a historical marker near Food Lion. Something like this, perhaps:

“The Year of the Bump

The spring and summer of 2018 was an extremely difficult time for Mathews.

A contractor opened two wide areas in the roadway to lay drainage pipe. These areas were left unpaved for several months and were not asphalted until the first week of August. Thousands of vehicles of all types and their occupants were inconvenienced and agitated during this time. The only good thing about the BUMP was that it caused vehicles to slow down so others could turn left into the Food Lion parking lot.”

I hope that the next time Mathews has this type of work done across its streets that our board of supervisors or county administration will have more control ove...

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