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Letter: The Ultimate Power

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was motivated by Joel Emerson’s letter to the editor last week, “Resting on His shoulders,” to write this letter.

I, too, have been very dismayed by our government, organizations, people in general who want to take God out of everything because it might be offensive for some. Well, it greatly offends me, as a Christian, to see these values erased and not instilled in our next generations.

In 1956, the official motto of the United States of America—“In God We Trust”—was established by a law signed by President Eisenhower.

Man wants to be in control of our world and people, but he cannot. God is the only Ultimate Power who controls the world He created. The throne of the King is occupied! He works all things together in His plan to make things right, according to His will for us.

I believe we are saved by His blood and suffering on the cross. Why would anyone ever want to reject this most precious gift ever given?

There is so much adversity f...

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