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Letter: The threat is real

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I write in reference to Andy Maggard’s letter (“An existential threat,” Jan. 23 Readers Write). That letter followed several others he has written over the last year, warning of a coming financial collapse resulting from increased unsustainable debt. He does his homework and knows what he is talking about.

His thoughts are in agreement with the best financial minds in our country. He is trying to get people to pay attention and prepare while there is still time. He also noted that a second threat faces us because of politicians who ignore the opinions of citizens, noting that legislators should be mindful of the convictions of those they represent. That caught my attention and prompted me to write this because it shows a perfect example of an elected official guilty of that.

During a question-and-answer session of a Mark Warner town hall meeting in Mathews a few years ago, I told Senator Warner that he needed to pay more attention to the op...

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