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Letter: The suppression of ideas

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We have three related issues causing a great deal of disagreement in our normally agreeable, friendly little county of Mathews. They are: The renaming of Lee-Jackson; the Confederate statue, and the large Confederate flag on the way into Mathews from Gloucester.

The issue of renaming Lee-Jackson Elementary was made in stark contrast to the way a free society should function. The Mathews County School Board’s five members voted on the renaming rather than let the people of Mathews vote by referendum. In my opinion, that was more like a mugging than a vote.

On a similarly contentious issue, the Mathews County Board of Supervisors is allowing the matter of the Confederate statue to go to referendum so the people of Mathews can decide. Now that is class. Thank you, Mathews Board of Supervisors.

The last issue is the large Confederate flag on Route 14 coming into Mathews. The right to display the flag hopefully isn’t up for debate. Entertain the idea th...

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