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Letter: The smoke-and-mirrors president

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


Several weeks ago, we were dealing with the government financial shutdown. Now, we are faced with more leadership issues that President Obama claims that he had no knowledge of, or worse yet, he knew and still intentionally deceived the public and the press!


Take, for example, the health care debacle. More than 57 percent (pick your poll here) of Americans are opposed to the Affordable Care Act (called by the narcissistic POTUS and press, Obamacare). That number will continue to climb as more Americans are finding out we were “snowed” by Obama not once, but twice as he campaigned on this issue in 2008 and won in a landslide, and in 2012, when he won again, despite falsely stating that “you can keep your insurance.” Insurance commissioners around the country are bracing for the unintended consequences of this law (see CNBC 29 October). Moreover, just recently, we have found that only 39 percent of Americans approve...

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