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Letter: The siren song of Libertarian philosophy

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As the Republican Party has lost national appeal, Libertarian ideology has gained strength. According to a Gallup poll, only 25 percent of the 18,000 people polled identified as Republican compared to 42 percent being independent and 31 percent being Democrats, with 2 percent not accounted for. Republican support is at lows not seen since 1983, leaving me to wonder if in decades to come we will see a rise of Libertarianism to try and save the Republican Party.

Proponents of Libertarianism bill themselves as fiscally responsible, socially moderate, free market advocates. This may all sound very appealing before it is examined; however, Libertarian ideology is nothing more than a rampant, capitalist, right-wing wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The party preaches a truly free market and, according to their party website, that “All efforts by government to redistribute wealth or to control or manage trade are improper.” They preach that government sho...

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