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Letter: The Second Amendment

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There are pre-filed gun control/confiscation bills awaiting the convening of the next Virginia General Assembly session in January. These bills are a clear violation of both the U.S. Constitution and Virginia’s state Constitution.

When our elected representatives who, either out of ignorance or evil intent, fail to obey their oaths to uphold the Constitution, it is incumbent upon us, We the People, to defend The Constitution and by doing so, defend ourselves. That document is our protection but only if, in turn, it is obeyed and defended. The Constitutional County, a.k.a. Second Amendment Sanctuary, movement is part of that defense. 

We also need to implore our state legislators to vote no to legislation that would take away our Second Amendment which protects our God-given rights to defend ourselves. The proposed laws are the antithesis of the Second Amendment.

Our elected officials, law enforcement, and military all swear to an oath to uphold a...

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