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Letter: The same tired, fact-challenged arguments

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Ted Williams states that he and I disagree on global warming (“Alarmists’ logic doesn’t stand up,” March 20 Readers Write). While that may be true, my main objection to Mr. Williams’ letters on the subject is his use of what I called “the same tired, factually-incorrect arguments” and his most recent letter is no exception.

Let me begin by responding to his dismissal of NOAA’s credibility due to its “issuing frantic warnings about the imminent ice age” in the 1970s. A recent survey of the climate literature of the late 1960s through the 1970s (Peterson, et al., Bulletin of the American Metrological Society, September 2008) indicates that 44 papers predicted future warming, 20 were neutral and seven predicted future cooling. There were individual scientists at NOAA who participated in this research, but NOAA did not “issue frantic warnings.” Rather, it was charged by President Nixon to stu...

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