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Letter: The red storm is coming

Politicians are sent to Washington to serve the people who elected them to enact and pass laws. Instead of compromising on important issues, they continue to decimate the rule of law and tamper with the Constitution. A former president considered the Constitution an abstract document and open to interpretation.

The party of shame has impeached a duly-elected president based on contrived and manipulated falsehoods concocted by the very people entrusted to protect us from enemies or adversaries within our own country. The iron-fisted majority leader, Nancy Pelosi, brags about impeaching our president “for life.” This sad episode was accomplished with the “expertise” of the ventriloquist-speaking dummies of the biased media. Fortunately, the party of shame’s attempt to overthrow a new administration and its president failed.

The media relentlessly continue to fuel the fires, contributing to the unrest of the upcoming socialist new generation who demand a utopian worldview and entit...

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