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Letter: The pot is boiling over

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Bernie Sanders’ call for revolution has now become a reality and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s hit squad is on the move. The arsonists, looters and anarchists have become Lucifer’s foot soldiers as the mayors, state legislators and governors not only support this mayhem, but sit and watch with masked faces while their towns and cities become a heap of ashes. They turn a blind eye to the pain and anguish of the people whose lives have been devastated and destroyed.

Now the city and state fathers expect money from taxpayers to rebuild what they and the “jihadists” have destroyed and now expect help from the president they detest. On the East Coast, we have Major DeBlasio blowing steam and pushing the race card with every breath he takes and playing musical chairs with New York neighborhoods.

Then we have the slow-speaking articulate “intellect” Governor Cuomo who sent COVID-19 sick patients to nursing facilities with the devastating results. Both the major...

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