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Letter: The people deserve better

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


It is becoming evident that the media is either complicit or intimidated when it comes to reporting the threat posed to the people by continued dollar creation, while it is no secret that the Federal Reserve is engaging in a massive expansion of the money supply, referred to as Quantitative Easing. The money supply has tripled since the financial crisis of 2008. Fortunately, not all of the mainstream media is complicit or intimidated. The Wall Street Journal (Aug. 27, “The Danger of an All-Powerful Federal Reserve”) warns, if the Fed goes through with its new “macroprudential” strategy, the world will go into an economic conflagration.


Unfortunately the Federal Reserve presumes to manage bubbles created in a robust economy by manipulating the interest rate. Monetary policy, however, is much enhanced in a transparent and predictable methodology. The forces of the market will ultimately overwhelm manipulation, no ma...

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