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Letter: The nuclear specter

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have read recently of the potential use of nuclear weapons by foreign governments as well as our own. Using nuclear weapons to resolve political differences is not only careless but dangerous to the extreme and borders on idiocy.

I would ask anyone who advocates the use of a nuclear weapon, be it tactical or strategic: Do they have any idea what would be the outcome of such use? The searing blast, the frying heat and blazing light, brighter than the sun, all coupled with intense radiation, should give pause to any mention of the use of a nuclear weapon. For those who might survive the blast, even worse follows.

A senior administration official commented that any use of a “small” nuclear bomb by Russia would mean that all bets are off on the U.S. staying out of the war. A U.S. Senator, Roger Wicker, Republican from Mississippi, suggested bombing Russia’s assets and said that he would not rule out a nuclear strike.

CIA director Bill Barnes spoke of...

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