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Letter: The meals tax mud hole

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Don’t put away those hip boots, yet! The Mathews County Board of Supervisors and county administrator continue to make us wade in the meals tax mud hole. It is a mud hole now waded in so often by so many that it is nearing the depth of an abyss. Adding this to the various other funding mud holes and their parade of pigs for them, our hip boots may soon serve no purpose. We’ll drown and won’t need them.

I see the meals tax as that tired ole pig on parade who is painted with whatever brightly colored lipstick thought to make it popular and socially acceptable—voter approved. Fashion colors change and since the last time the lipstick color of choice didn’t bode well with the general fund shade, there is a new shade—critical capital improvements. Thankfully, last election the majority of the voters took the time to see through the lipstick as only a guise for getting money.

Just because someone has a big sore on their backside...

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