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Letter: ‘The laughing stock of the world’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Our president and his staff, and Congress and the Congressional staff have become the laughing stock of the world.

The Democrats and Republicans appear to only be concerned about being reelected to office and have totally forgotten their responsibility to us—the voters.

For the president to say that the Social Security checks might not be sent out on Aug. 3 to the people who have paid into the program for years was a poor way of using fear tactics. The proper way to express his thoughts should have been to say that he and his staff and the members of Congress and their staff might not receive their paychecks because they are not living up to their responsibilities to us voters.

Ways to save money are:

1—Stop sending money to all foreign countries as we should learn we can’t buy friendship and loyalty.

2—Bring home our brave American troops from Afghanistan. The many servicemen that I have spoken with say we are not wanted t...

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