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Letter: The greatest threat

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The letter “Bridging the divide” (Eric Stewart, Feb. 9 Readers Write) had some good ideas about diversifying our news options. The only addition I would offer is National Public Radio and Public Television, as they are mostly supported by donations from foundations and private citizens and have no allegiance to sponsors.

In the same Gazette-Journal issue, there were two other letters exemplifying what could be considered opposition to bridging the divide. In “Their fear,” Dawn Dale writes, “Our country was designed to make room for Him, making sure that people could worship as they choose without being threatened by government or other people.”

That statement appears to apply only to Christians. What about other religions? Mr. Trump has banned people from seven majority Muslim countries that have never produced a terrorist in America. At the same time, those majority Muslim countries in which Mr. Trump has business interes...

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