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Letter: The fuzzy logic of health care

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a working member of society I had decent insurance (health, dental, vision), but rarely used it. Now, like many American retirees, it has changed and it does not make sense. If you want to hear complaints about Obamacare, look for another letter to the editor. It is the logic, or rather the lack of it, in the whole process, that confounds me.

Pills. You ever notice that the ones that really work are the ones that cost the most and are rarely covered? Generics are like that Holiday Inn guy to fix your plumbing—cheaper, but you still have leaks. Sometimes they work and sometimes not so good. And while I’m on drugs, why do they increase in cost the closer they get to going over-the-counter or their patent’s end? Wish I had made more the older my ideas got. Truth is the manufacturers and insurance companies plan it that way. But why do we allow it?

Eyes, ears and teeth to most seem to work well when we are young, and yet we buy insurance to ...

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