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Letter: The founders’ Marxist leanings?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We need more people like Ruth Litschewski (“All politics is local,” June 1 Readers Write) to warn us of the dangers of such terms as “the common good.” I’ve been suspicious of the term since I first heard of that closet proto-Marxist James Madison using it in one of the Federalist papers in defense of the new United States Constitution. Worse is that those fellow travelers Alexander Hamilton and John Jay made no objection to the use of the term and even endorsed it.

And where did that Marxist-Leninist concept that “all men are created equal” come from? Keep that line of thinking going and, before you know it, even non-white males, and eventually even women, could be allowed to vote.

All these Marxist experts must know that Karl Marx strongly believed that all citizens should have the right to bear arms. Don’t you find it suspicious that this right is included in our Second Amendment? Were there more closet proto-Marxists among our nation’s founders th...

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