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Letter: The folly of ‘green energy’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


I recently read where the U.S. Navy sailed into Hawaii with a lot of hoopla because three of the ships were totally powered with “green energy,” 100 percent biofuel. All under the guise of combating the junk science of “climate change” versus the government’s cost of $2.50/gallon for conventional diesel. The fuel efficiency of biofuels is less than conventional diesel, which raises that cost to nearly 40 bucks a gallon. The Obama administration has committed to purchase 170 million gallons per year in the future. That’s 4.4 billion tax dollars wasted, not to mention the conversion costs. Meanwhile, the 2015 DOD budget is seeking to eliminate the stateside commissary benefit to all our veterans. Never mind that the commissaries are “self-supporting.” Oh, and where are these biofuels coming from? San Francisco and the Illinois area, strong supporters of Obama and the DNC. Think these tax dollars will be...

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