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Letter: The end of our country?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have devoted my career to our United States, and have been proud to do so. But now I see things happening that are jeopardizing this great country of ours.

I fully understand and support our two-party system, but due to the stance of one party, I feel our nation is in deep trouble. I agree that we should support the party we affiliate with, but unfortunately it has gone too far. The Democratic Party members who will vote a straight party line ticket no matter who might be running are not doing what is best for our country. To vote for someone just because they claim to be a Democrat is no justification. I feel it is our duty to vote for the person who is best suited for the position. I have had many Democrats say to me they will vote Democratic no matter who it is who is running. I firmly believe many would vote for Charles Manson if his name somehow got on the ticket as a Democrat. Our country is in serious condition and it behooves each and every one ...

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