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Letter: The benefits of a classical education

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In order to be transparent, I do not live/vote in Gloucester County, but as a resident of Mathews, I stay informed and obviously support the Gloucester community. I taught Latin at GHS for five years (up to my retirement two years ago) and now take umbrage that a member(s) of the Gloucester Board of Supervisors would ask why “certain subjects like Latin” are taught (Gazette-Journal, May 21).

It is obvious that this individual has not done his research, not visited the classes, nor seen the impact of subjects he is devaluing. Spend the precious time doing your homework by interviewing those who have reaped the benefits of these classes rather than creating an Aristotelian hamartia (destruction resulting in tragedy). Did I not read on page 11A of the same paper where a GHS graduate received a bachelor of arts degree in classical studies, a bachelor of science degree in biology AND a minor in Latin?

I realize that your task is Herculean (massive), b...

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