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Letter: The art of the ‘Zero’ deal

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We are a small community with a toll bridge and with very little political clout—long forgotten by our state representatives. They keep sending us the “Zero” deals that create no jobs and generate no tax monies. Gloucester is ripe for more “Zero” deals if we:

Think Small: And believe that Gloucester will never attract corporations that will actually “offer some paying jobs!” Our open lands will be very attractive to “Zero Corporations” that will exploit us for mining, nuclear power plants, hazardous waste processing and other undesirable businesses that “blight the land” and offer nothing in return, including the pending Strata Solar project. For a zero deal, you take what you get and you get zero in return.  

Don’t think about collecting taxes: Nobody likes taxes—so the goal is to find corporations like Strata Solar that will pay no taxes on the land or the equipment. For the...

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