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Letter: The arrogance of power

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Several weeks ago, the Gazette-Journal published my letter that expressed the necessity of the Washington establishment to address the matter of suspected election fraud in a forthright and timely fashion. Addressing this matter is of paramount importance if the people are to maintain faith in the legitimacy of the electoral process.

No such effort has been made. The matter was swept under the rug.

Meanwhile, 90 million Americans—75 million Trump supporters and 15 million Democrats—believe that the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulently conducted. The Biden Administration and Biden Democrats have made it clear that opposing views will not be tolerated. The very fact that a sitting U.S. president was censored by social media because they disagree with him speaks to a decline of the constitutional rule of law.

With every court in the land, including the Supreme Court, refusing to hear, much less rule, on the evidence of election fraud, it become...

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