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Letter: The American Dream is being dismantled

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It would be quicker for the president to just adopt Putin and his cohorts, put them in charge of Congress, and then his plan for America would happen, just like that!

The old American dream of studying, working hard, maybe starting your own business and making a life for yourself and your family is being dismantled. Most of our country’s wealthy earned their way in business. Even those who inherited wealth still have to keep it going and, in case anyone doesn’t get it, this is what makes jobs.

Gosh, what a unique idea. And this is exactly what our original goals were. Personally, I am not envious of those who have more than I do. I say, "Good for them," as I know that business and individual wealth does not come by wishing for it. They earned it.

If the president’s plans are not stopped, it will be too late by the time his term is ended, and then our problems will have multiplied in a horrifying way. Being what is identifie...

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