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Letter: Thanksgiving!

Once again Autumn has burst forth in vibrant shades of red, gold, bronze and greens. There is a chill to the air and the glorious sunsets make me want to stop all that I am doing and take a moment to reflect on life as the last ray of light slowly sinks below the horizon and the quietness of twilight arrives.


Thanksgiving! I am thankful for life and health and family. I am thankful to have grown up in a home that emphasized the power of faith in God. That faith has carried me over many of life’s hurdles. I feel blessed to have lived my life in a small community where I see constant examples of “neighbors helping neighbors” and I hope this never changes.


None of us can help but feel concern and heartache when thinking about all that is taking place in our world and “thankfulness” for the blessings we share in Mathews. It is my hope that everyone will take time away from the mad rush, the early-bird shopping, and the everyday pressure...

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