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Letter: Thank You

Thank You for the fresh air, the crystal-clear blue skies.

Thank You for the sparrows and everything that flies.

Thank You for the bright sun that beautifies our lives,

And all the wondrous creatures that in Your hand doth thrive.


Thank You for Your patience, through thick then through thin.

Thank You for forgiveness, that mitigates each sin.

Thank You for the round world, the locus of Your birth,

This proud and emerald vortex, this place that we call Earth.


Thank You for our families, our friends and neighbors free.

Thank You for this nation, the one that makes us We.

Thank You for our spirits, that life the sorrowing heart,

The whole of us that doesn’t quit, that never, ever parts.


This bounty of our Union, this wind that blows us fair,

The song that sings forever, the truth of peace that’s rare,

The tender, touching people, the greenest hills of rest,

For these, Dear Lord, we thank You, we do our humble best.

T.A. Leach

The Glebe

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