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Letter: Stay the course

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Reopening the country too soon will have the same effect of stopping a prescribed antibiotic when you started feeling better.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic is past, we will all either have antibodies or been vaccinated, or have died from it. Over 50,000 Americans have already lost this battle, WITH social distancing/working at home/closing schools, stadiums, theaters, restaurants, hair salons, etc. What increase would there have been without these strategies in place?

Humans are social. It is how we have evolved, working together, helping each other for the good of all. Answering a question regarding the beginning of human civilization, anthropologist Margaret Mead did not respond “coinage, or tools or weaponry.” She said the first sign of human civilization was a healed human femur (thigh bone).

When an animal breaks a large bone in the wild, it loses mobility, and becomes prey. Finding an ancient human femur that had been broken and then allowed t...

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