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Letter: Speed up broadband

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Today I read the headline in the current issue of the Beehive, and my heart dropped again. “Progress Continues Toward Accessible Internet for all Residents of Gloucester County.” Whoopee.

Let’s be clear, starting in 2009 or 2010, I and others pushed for affordable, accessible broadband. Over a 10-year span, I pestered the Gazette-Journal with 12 (now 13) letters supporting projects like Northern Neck Wi-Fi that Mr. Hamilton and I begged the board in person to adopt, only to have the county kill it, claiming code and zoning issues may exist … later to admit there were none.

What affordable high-speed broadband for all means is not on Main Street or on the Route 17 corridor, where it is already available, but down the dirt lanes of our county. Twelve years ago, $347K would have covered the county, admittedly with lower poles, but with availability. I for one will not smile until the headline reads: “Gloucester County becomes an Affordable Connected Coun...

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